Environmental Management Plan

The EMP provides Council with an action plan to reduce the environmental impacts of its own activities and services, best manage the area’s natural environment, and work with the community to reduce the environmental impacts associated with living and working in Mosman.

State of the Environment Report

An insight into all aspects of the natural and cultural environment in Mosman: the current condition of the environment, the pressures upon it, and the effectiveness of responses implemented by Council and other members of the community.

CEC Annual Report

Mosman Council strives to keep ratepayers and residents informed of the progress of the Community Environmental Contract.

Mosman Community Environmental Survey

In order to help shape the environmental education and engagement plans, Mosman Council requires a clear understanding of the community’s environmental perceptions and priorities.

The most recent Mosman Community Environmental Survey was conducted during the period 10th – 14th March 2011.

Mosman residents were most commonly concerned about:

  • The impact of future generations
  • Health effects of pollution
  • Quality of life
  • Maintaining ecosystems

In the past two years, Mosman residents have been proactive about living more sustainably with:

  • 14% of our community having installed solar panels to save on energy costs and reduce fossil fuel consumption,
  • 99% of residents actively recycling every week,
  • 17% of our community having installed a water tank to save on water bills and to reduce their water consumption,
  • 38% of residents have used native plants in their potted garden or backyard for the purpose of creating habitat and attracting wildlife to their garden.