From the Mayor

Serving Mosman

I am humbled and honoured to follow in the footsteps of Peter Abelson. Peter retired after 13 years of exemplary public service to the people of Mosman and his lasting legacy of strong and resolute leadership to retain our independence will be recorded in our history books.

Signing off

In this my last Mayoral column I would like to express what an honour and extraordinary experience it has been to be the first popularly elected Mayor of our great community, now 124 years old and still going strong. I thank you for entrusting this role to me.

Election Ahead

As most readers will know, a new Council election will take place on Saturday, 9 September. Voting is compulsory in local elections as for state and federal elections.

Refurbishing Balmoral Promenade

Following two-month public consultation in late 2016/early 2017, with 26 submissions mostly concerned with the visuals of the new promenade, in February Council resolved unanimously works to refurbish the promenade.

Another great art exhibition

On Saturday morning, I had the great pleasure of opening Mosman Art Gallery’s latest exhibition, Tokkotai: Australian and Japanese artists on War and the Battle of Sydney Harbour in a former naval fuel tank at Headland Park.

A message from Deputy Mayor Roy Bendall

Notwithstanding the headline in last week’s Mosman Daily, our Mayor Peter Abelson’s departure is not imminent, as he will be serving until the end of his term in September. However, as Deputy Mayor the responsibility for the monthly Mayoral column is bestowed upon me until his return from annual leave.

North Shore By-Election 8 April

It is a cliché to say that we live in interesting times. Certainly, I cannot ever recall such interest (or such a deployment of resources) in an election for our local State Government seat of North Shore as is occurring for our forthcoming by-election on 8 April.

State Government Obduracy a Grave Disappointment

Premier Berejiklian’s announcement, Tuesday 14 February, that the State Government would continue to try to force mergers on Sydney councils while ceasing to force all non-consummated mergers outside Sydney is a grave disappointment.

A Busy New Year

With the start of the New Year, so too begins Council’s next actions, in keeping with overwhelming community support, to maintain our independence.

Thanking our local volunteers

On behalf of our community, I would like to express thanks to all who voluntarily provide services and support for other members of our community.