Fire Safety

Mosman Council undertakes a fire safety inspection program to ensure the ongoing safety of the community. This is directed to improving fire safety and fire safety awareness and covers all multi-residential buildings.

As many of the multi-residential buildings in the Mosman area are aging they do not meet modern standards and expectations of safety. For this reason Council inspects buildings and has issued Orders under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, requiring works to be carried out. Orders are served on the building owners, who have an obligation to address them, maintain each essential fire safety measure in the building, and provide Council as well as the Commissioner of the NSW Fire Brigade with an annual Fire Safety Statement for the building. Failure to satisfy such requirements can result in prosecution and fines. Council prefers a consultative approach to ensure that the required standards are met within a reasonable period within the means of the parties concerned.

All multi-residential buildings in the Mosman Council area must fulfil the following objectives, that:

  • all occupants in the building are protected from fire in other parts of the building or in any other building;
  • the building is constructed in materials or provided with equipment that minimises the spread of fire and the generation of smoke and toxic gases;
  • the building is provided with sufficient means of egress to provide safe passage for the users in the case of fire, and those means shall be clearly visible, clearly definable and always available;
  • the building is provided with equipment that ensures that all occupants are given early warning of smoke or fire; and
  • the building is provided with adequate access and ensure sufficient safety for firefighters attending a fire in the building.

As far as practicable, the protection of the building itself is an additional obligation.

Fire safety issues relating to new buildings are dealt with as part of the Development Application and Construction Certificate processes.

Forms - Fire Safety Requirements