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Business advice is available for Mosman businesses through Sydney Business at the Northside Business Enterprise Centre. Contact Sydney Business 1300 209 404 / 9415 2630.


Small Biz Connect – Mosman

What is Small Biz Connect? – A chance to look at your business from the outside in

Small Biz Connect is a program that accelerates small businesses to economic sustainability, delivering growth and employment for NSW. With a commitment to outcomes, Small Biz Connect will help you to develop the skills you need to not only survive but to thrive. Small Biz Connect is a practical program which links you with our experienced business advisors, who help you plan your business’ success.

As part of Small Biz Connect, business advisors will take you, the small business operators, through a business diagnostic tool to analyse your situation in an easy, efficient way. The advisor will then help you develop a simple action plan which identifies the skills you need to develop and the next steps for achieving your goals. Our focus is on outcomes and making sure small businesses really get the grassroots, face to face support they need to grow.

How will Small Biz Connect assist me?

  • Show small business operators how to be innovative to succeed and grow
  • Link small business operators with expert advisors and professionals who have real business experience
  • Help small business owners to make informed decisions
  • Develop a simple action plan and skills through face to face training
  • Access affordable workshops to develop important skills and knowhow, accelerate growth, achieve economic sustainability, learn in a way, location, and at a time that suits them to get real results.

How does the program work?

The program offers up to ten (10) hours of support over a 6 – 12 month timeframe and is heavily subsidised by the NSW Government’s Small Biz Connect program. Your investment will be $550 inclusive of GST, which may be tax deductible*.

  • The initial meeting of up to 1.5 hours, is free with a Business Advisor for a general discussion around your business.
  • A further appointment with a Business Advisor is held, using a comprehensive business diagnostic tool to assess your business.
  • A business review appointment with a Business Advisor then reviews the diagnostic results and develops an action plan.
  • The remaining hours up to a total of ten (10) hours will be available in support of your action plan over a 6-12 month period. This will include Business Benchmarking Analysis, Marketing Plans, Cash Flow Forecasting and Operational Planning.

*This depends on individual circumstances. Please seek professional assistance in this matter.

The business advisory service is delivered via Sydney Business at our Chatswood office Monday to Friday by appointment.

To book an appointment today call 9415 2630 or email and your details will be passed to your local business advisor to set up your first meeting.