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Resources for Sustainable Businesses

Businesses can improve the sustainability of their premises, purchasing, travel and operations to conserve the environment, improve their reputation, build staff morale and save money.

To do this, businesses can minimise their use of water, energy, paper, packaging and other resources, improve their waste management and develop corporate social and environmental responsibility.

This page provides links to websites that offer information on how to work towards sustainability, grants for which businesses may be eligible to apply, and sustainability training and support opportunities for small and medium sized businesses.


What you can do – NSW Government

Our environment – it’s a living thing is the overarching environmental education program of the NSW Government. This site provides lists of actions you can take towards sustainability.

Sustainable Business - Office of Environment and Heritage

This site offers various guides with information on best practice environmental management, environmental responsibilities, and updates on the recent changes to the Protection of the Environment Operations Act.

How to save water – Sydney Water

This website shows how to save water with tips and information by business sector.

Grants, training and support programs

Green Capital - the Total Environment Centre

Green Capital engages Australian businesses, all levels of government and civil society groups to discuss corporate sustainability and responsibility. The Green Capital website includes information on training courses that can be tailored to business requirements, principles of corporate social responsibility and a checklist for environmental claims in advertising & marketing communications.

Office of Environment and Heritage Programs

Sustainability Advantage Program

Involving partnerships between the Office of Environment and Heritage and businesses, the Sustainability Advantage Program assists businesses to identify benefits from sustainable practices and provides a clear path for action. Sustainability Advantage brings groups of businesses together in clusters that share regional, industry or supply chain interests. Meetings held 3-4 times a year offer a chance to harness the ideas and experiences of similar businesses.

Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program

Available to businesses that use up to $20,000 in electricity a year, the program offers:

  • financial support for a personalised energy assessment and action plan
  • a rebate of up to $5,000 for businesses that use $5,000-$20,000 a year in electricity and $2,000 for businesses that use less than $5,000 a year in electricity.