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Graffiti and Vandalism

  • To report graffiti on private property or Council property please contact:
    Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) on 0439 900 459 or email identifying yourself as a Mosman resident and provide location and details
    Council on 99784036 (8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday).

These organisations may be contacted direct for removal of graffiti from their property:

Electrical boxes/substations/kiosks/street light poles Ausgrid 131 365
Major roads, including street signs RTA 131 700
Public telephones Telstra 180 22 44
Ferries Sydney Ferries 131 500
Buses, trains State Transit Authority of NSW 131 500
Post boxes etc Australia Post 13 13 18
Sydney Water infrastructure Sydney Water 1800 010 085

Graffiti Policy

Mosman Council is committed to managing graffiti on Council and private property throughout the Mosman area through employing a rapid removal and prevention strategy, which provides for:

  • the removal of graffiti from Council owned property within one working day of identification;
  • the removal of graffiti from private properties within three working days of identification, subject to the provisions of s.67 of the Local Government Act 1993; and
  • the emergency response and urgent removal of graffiti as required by Council’s Contract Supervisor (this provision provides for the urgent removal of graffiti considered obscene, offensive, racist and/or vilifying).

Supply Information on Graffiti Offences

If you have any information that may be of assistance in determining the identity of the offenders or time of the offence, please pass it on to the Harbourside Police Duty Officer on 9956 3180. Should you witness an offence being committed, please call Harbourside Police on 9956 3199 for Officers to attend.

Council Rangers are on duty seven days a week from 7am to 11pm and can be reached on 9978 4081 for assistance, or contact Council’s Manager Compliance on 9978 4094 for more information.

Removing / Preventing Graffiti

There are a number of approaches that could be useful in removing/preventing illegal graffiti from your property.

When using paint over graffiti:

  • The easiest method of removing graffiti may be to simply paint over it.
  • Before painting, it may be necessary to remove as much graffiti as possible as some graffiti markers tend to ‘bleed’ through new coats of paint.
  • Using a sealer or undercoat may also prevent bleeding.
  • By sourcing a correct colour match for the surface that has been affected, it may be possible to avoid painting the entire area.

When using removal products:

  • Test on a small area first.
  • Be careful, follow safety precautions.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  • When removing graffiti, it can be worth trying regular household cleaning products first – start with dish washing detergent or laundry liquid, followed by eucalyptus oil or mineral turpentine.
  • Products for removal and advice on their use are available from most local hardware or paint stores.
  • Be certain to acknowledge that some products are toxic and will require safety precautions.

When using protective coatings:

  • Employing a professional to apply a protective anti-graffiti coating may be the best method to protect your property from graffiti (contractors can be found in Yellow Pages).

When using landscaping as a preventive measure:

  • Large walls that are easily accessible are an easy target for graffiti; reducing access to these spaces is a great preventative measure and landscaping the area in front of a wall may be the most appropriate means of doing this.
  • Landscaping in front of a wall also reduces the visual impact of any graffiti that may occur in the space.
  • Using improved lighting.
  • Using appropriate fencing or grilles.