Living Mosman Ambassador Volunteer

Living Mosman Ambassador

The aims of the Volunteer Living Mosman Ambassador program are to provide an environmental project management opportunity to a young person aged between 15-25 years. (A person under the age of 18 will need parental permission).

Duties to be performed include:

  • Involvement with Bushcare
  • Involvement in HabourCare
  • Involvement in Waste Audits
  • Design and implement a Living Mosman project that incorporates elements of:
    1. Waste reduction and behavioral change on waste use within Mosman LGA
    2. Education and promotion of sustainable living for individuals and the community
    3. Restoring and enhancing biodiversity.

Schedule: Volunteers should not work more than 16 hours per week and volunteer schedule depends on the project schedule.

Benefits to Volunteers:

  • Satisfaction of preserving, enhancing and/or restoring biodiversity
  • Learning about ecology, plants and wildlife
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Improving Project Management skills.
  • Establishing networks with professionals in environmental management
  • Creating community networks that support a sustainable environment
  • Contributing to the ‘War on Waste’
  • A certificate will be awarded to volunteers upon their completion of the project.

Reporting: Living Mosman Team. For project information and volunteer activities please contact 9978 4038 or email

If you are interested to join in our Living Mosman team, please click here to sign up!

If you have any enquiries about becoming a volunteer, contact the Volunteers’ Office on 9978 4126 or email