Jane Webster at the Library

09 October 2017

Jane Webster grew up in Melbourne but has had a lifelong passion for French culture. She lives between Australia and France, spending six months in France each year where she runs The French Table from her chateau in Normandy, organising cultural tours and cooking classes throughout the region. She is the author of two best-selling titles, At My French Table and French Ties.

Her latest book French House Chic is a glimpse inside the most private of French residences, from supremely elegant Parisian apartments to lavishly upholstered sitting rooms in French country estates. From le salon to la sale de bain and every room in between, here is visual inspiration to achieve the most French look in any space or just to be momentarily immersed in all that Gallic flair.

Jane Webster will talk about French House Chic on Monday 16 October from 7pm till 9pm. Pre-paid bookings are essential, Adults $10.00, Pensioners/Students $8.00 (passes must be shown). For all enquiries contact the Library on 9978-4091, or book online at Mosman Events.