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Mayor's Annual Report 2015/16

08 August 2016

Mosman Mayor Peter Abelson has presented his annual report for 2015/16, providing an overview of Council challenges and achievements during the past year.

Cr Abelson began by addressing the NSW Government’s plans to amalgamate Mosman with Willoughby and North Sydney.

“On behalf of our community, I express the hope that, even at this eleventh hour, the State Government will recognise the extraordinary value of local communities and not proceed to put these values at risk by amalgamating us with other councils in a deeply unwanted merger,” Cr Abelson wrote.

“Local councils are the embodiment of local community, of connectedness and of identity. Time and again our community, and others, have expressed their strong and heartfelt concerns that these critical needs for community, for connectedness and for identity will be greatly diminished by a move from a local council of some 30,000 people that they identify with to a remote council of over 150,000 persons.”

The wide ranging document also praised Council’s extensive community services, Mosman Art Gallery and Library and its work communicating to and engaging with the local community.

“Council runs extensive services for our residents of all ages: for the elderly, for families and children and for youth, and for people of any age with disabilities. We regard these services as a fundamental role of local councils,” he wrote.

Referring to remarks he made as Mayor 31 years ago, Cr Abelson also wrote of the responsibility on Council to preserve and further improve the suburb it had inherited with “so rich a history and charm”.

“It has been my aim over the past four years to provide our community with an inclusive, friendly and professional service and to build a supportive, tolerant and creative community that will enhance the lives of all who live within our community.”