Mental Health Month at Barry O'Keefe Library

09 October 2017

To coincide with Mental Health Month this October the Library has organised some informative talks on mental health and a special display in the Library’s foyer to highlight the 2017 Mental Health Month theme of “Share the Journey” which urges people to talk about how they are feeling and encourage each other to do so.

Monday Matters – Mindfulness Meditation on Monday 9 October at 10.30am

Dr Ana Brandao is a classical feng shui consultant who conducts classes in feng shui, numerology and mindfulness. She will teach some easy mindfulness methods to help with meditating at home and finding peace and calm in everyday life.

Meditation is now commonly used to treat mental health disorders, addiction and everyday stress.

Everyday Resilience: Creating Calm from Chaos on Wednesday 18 October at 7pm

Valerie Orton, speaker, facilitator and coach from Head Hand and Heart Management will speak about her book Everyday Resilience: Creating Calm from Chaos, which contains practical tools and tips on how to build one’s resilience and resources to sustain one’s whole well-being. “Having spent many years studying and learning through personal development, my values, my strengths and what is important in life, I wanted to share and help others live a better life,” Orton says.
“I have developed my own resilience through my own challenges and hardships and I want to help others create their own everyday resilience, so they have strategies and tools to move up and forward, to be able to respond in times of stress, disappointment and setbacks.”

All talks are free and bookings are essential at