Monday Matters at Barry O'Keefe Library - Multiple Sclerosis

17 July 2017

MS Australia ambassador Greta Bainbridge will be the next speaker at the ever popular “Monday Matters”.

Greta first started to notice her initial symptoms at the age of 14 and was diagnosed with the fastest growing neurological disease affecting young people – multiple sclerosis – at the age of 20.

The diagnosis, however, did not stop Greta from achieving her goals. She continued her university studies and completed an accounting degree.

“Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t determine your future or who you are – you do,” said Greta, whose attitude makes her a perfect ambassador to raise awareness and educate people about the disease.

Librarian Jane Roughley said “Greta will present her story with honesty, openness and humour. The purpose of her talk is to educate the community about MS, dispelling myths and misconceptions, and motivating audiences with her personal courage and determination”.

Greta will speak at “Monday Matters”, which is a free event, on Monday 7 August at 10.30am. Bookings are essential on 9978-4091 or visit