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Mosman celebrates Grandparents Day

16 October 2014

Mosman Community Gardeners and Mosman Council are inviting grandparents, grandfriends and grandchildren to celebrate Grandparents Day at the Mackie Lane Community Garden on Sunday 26 October from 11am-3pm.

Grandpeople will be able to enjoy the spring sunshine in the company of their family and friends as they learn about crops, flowers and sustainable gardening practices.

They will also be able to harvest and taste produce, take cuttings, pick flowers and plant seeds in newspaper pots.

Grandparents Day recognises the wonderful contribution that grandparents and other older relatives, friends, neighbours and community members make to families and the community by providing nurturing relationships for children, young people and adults.

Their assistance and support to adult children and grandchildren is particularly important for busy working families, while grandparents and grandfriends benefit from closer family connections and support which lessen the risk of loneliness and social isolation.

Intergenerational connection between older and young members of the community also enhances sense of identity, knowledge of history and provides opportunities to learn from each other.

Thanks to the hospitality of the Community Gardeners, the activity is free but bookings are essential.

Please go to or contact Olivier Strobel at Mosman Council on 9978 4128. Mackie Lane garden is in Mackie Lane just off Lang Street, Mosman.