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Mosman Council acts on tree poisoning

02 March 2015

Mosman Council is appealing to residents to report any cases of illegal damage to trees after a large tree in Julian Street was killed by poisoning.

A tree preservation banner has been installed in the canopy of the dead Camphor laurel, which had been drilled so that herbicides or poison could be inserted into its trunk.

“Given the size and location of the tree and the surrounding topography it’s highly likely that the tree was poisoned to improve view lines to Middle Harbour so we have installed a large banner in the dead canopy as we usually do when it’s believed damage has occurred as a result of improving views,” Mosman Council Director Environment and Planning Craig Covich said.

“Mosman Council takes such acts of vandalism very seriously and will seek to prosecute anyone involved in poisoning trees to the full extent of the law.

“Illegal damage to trees should not be tolerated and we urge anyone who suspects tree poisoning to report any cases to Council.”

The dead tree will remain in place until a replacement canopy tree reaches at least seven metres in height. Council attempts to bring trees back to health but they are often irretrievably damaged and need to be replaced.

Mosman Council thoroughly investigates each case of unauthorised tree work. Five cases of tree poisoning were investigated in 2014, in Clanalpine Street, Dalton Road, Glover Street, Illawarra Street and Wolseley Road, Mosman.