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Mosman Council rates well with local community

17 August 2018

Mosman Council has recorded strong results in its latest Community Survey with continued improvements in community satisfaction across most key areas.

The random sample survey of 400 local residents, which was conducted by independent market researchers Micromex Research in June, found community satisfaction with Council performance has continued to improve across key result areas including overall performance, satisfaction with Councillors and satisfaction with Council staff with 94% of residents at least moderately satisfied with Council’s performance.

“It’s pleasing to see Mosman Council continues to rate above the benchmark for overall community satisfaction compared with other NSW councils and that satisfaction with Councillors and Council staff is strong and Council will continue to work with the community to further improve on these good results,” Mosman Mayor Carolyn Corrigan said.

“This survey provides a snapshot of council’s perceived performance and also helps us plan for the future, by highlighting areas needing ongoing attention and those in which Council is meeting community expectations.

“Importantly, our positive results were spread across a wide range of council services with scores recorded above the benchmarks for 23 of the 31 council services on which comparable satisfaction data is available, with ‘Cleanliness, appearance and management of public spaces’ rating highest against the benchmark and the provision and maintenance of local roads also ranking relatively highly.”

Community pride and connectedness results are healthy, with feelings of safety particularly high (98% high-range agreement) with other social capital indicators such as friendly neighbourhoods, socialising in the local area and feelings of community belonging, scores also relatively strong and remaining fairly steady since 2012.

The issues most commonly quoted by survey respondents over the next 5 to 10 years include traffic congestion and management (44%), development – control, overdevelopment (23%), parking availability/affordability (6%), while the aspect of living in Mosman that most residents would like to see change is reduced congestion/improved traffic management (18%).

Council services that residents are most happy with include keeping food premises safe, provision and maintenance of parklands and cleanliness, appearance and management of public spaces.

The aspects of living in Mosman most valued by residents are location/proximity to city/beaches/transport (28%), natural environment/parks/open space (21%), lifestyle/ambience/village feel (15%) and sense of community (12%).

The next major survey will be conducted in June 2020 just prior to the September 2020 elections.