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Mosman parking app streets ahead

13 April 2017

Mosman motorists are now able to locate available parking within the main shopping precinct of Mosman and Spit Junction through a newly launched Mosman-specific parking app.

Mosman Council launched Park Mosman to meet the parking needs of residents and visitors to the suburb’s busy retail area, enabling them to view available parking and see the probability that they will be able to park in their desired location or change to an alternative area with a higher probability of spaces. Parking availability is ascertained from in-ground parking sensors, providing real-time availability in the motorist’s preferred location.

Designed for Mosman residents, the app which involved customisation of an original SmartParking app, has a vastly improved user experience (UX) through its improved navigation and optimisation.

“The new app enables users to access information about parking spaces faster due to its optimisation and without any unnecessary clutter,” Director Environment and Planning Craig Covich said.

“The original map used a variety of pins to identify parking areas whereas the new app uses bands of colours indicating availability of parking from high to low on an easy-to-read map which provides an immediate snapshot of parking availability.

“It also provides access to key features or points of interest important to Mosman residents, such as Barry O’Keefe Library, that are located within the retail area and users can also choose from a pre-populated list of key popular Mosman locations when they hit the search bar.”

Other new features include alerts to inform users of works in the area, some of which may affect traffic, and a tutorial which provides a summary of key features and functions within the app.

The app is available now from the iPhone App Store and for Android in the Google Play store.