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North Shore councils focus on safety near schools

11 June 2015

The Safety Around Schools program is a joint initiative of five North Shore councils. This road safety program urges parents and carers to always put safety above convenience when it comes to dropping off and picking up their children from school.

The program targets schools in the Ku-ring-gai, Willoughby, North Sydney, Lane Cove and Mosman council areas and will cover road safety messages and road rules reminders that are particularly important around schools. Police and council rangers will be enforcing the road rules around schools, including enforcing parking restrictions, speed limits and mobile phone restrictions especially during the drop off and pick up times around the local schools.

As part of the program, Road Rules Reminder posters have been provided to schools. Banners and other road safety information will be distributed to schools later in the year to address key road safety issues.
Drivers who fail to comply with the road rules face heavy fines and loss of demerit points which are often higher in school zones than in other areas. Failure to comply with road rules poses a serious safety risk not only to school children but to other pedestrians and vehicles.

The aim of the program is to educate parents and carers about their responsibilities when dropping off or picking up children from school. This is particularly important for those who use No Parking (Kiss’N’Drop) zones for drop off and pick up of children. Congestion around schools means it is often faster and safer to park further away from school and walk, rather than parking illegally when dropping off or picking up their children.

For more information on road safety or any of these initiatives contact your local Road Safety Officer on 9978 4055.