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Paperless permits for Mosman as parking enters digital age

24 October 2018

Mosman residents will no longer need to stick parking permits on their car windscreens with the arrival of a sophisticated online parking permit system which has seen Mosman become the first local government area to introduce virtual permits in NSW.

The digital-only system is similar to car registrations which successfully switched from paper to digital several years ago and is initially being rolled out to the 1,000 households eligible for a permit under Mosman Council’s Residential Parking Scheme.

The new online residential parking permits will take effect from 1 November 2018, but a grace period will be in place for one month, giving residents ample time to make the switch. Existing or prospective residential parking permit holders will no longer have to attend Council’s Civic Centre in person to complete the renewal process, and instead will complete the application process quickly and simply, online.

Mosman Council General Manager Dominic Johnson said the new online parking permit system is a sophisticated set-up with permit holders now able to securely complete the renewal process entirely online within minutes and instantly update their details, including change of vehicle details, up to four times a year.

“Once residents successfully renew online they will be registered in a simple streamlined system confirming they are entitled to park in that area, enabling users to enjoy peace of mind that their physical permit cannot be lost or stolen,” he said. “The system is already proving popular as we have already received more than 60 online applications in the first few days of operation.”

Applicants need to create an account on the virtual permit system, upload a photo or scan of their driver’s licence showing their eligible Mosman address, fill in a few details, and pay online. Unless permit holders need to change vehicle details at any stage, no further action will be required until the following year.

“It reduces the need for paperwork, speeds up processing, reduces waiting times for face-to-face appointments at our customer service desks and allows greater flexibility when changing vehicles, although of course, if assistance is required, residents may still come to council to speak with our customer service team,” Mr Johnson said.

Mr Johnson emphasised that the Residential Parking Scheme itself had not changed, other than a slight reduction in price, with all areas and eligibility criteria remaining in place.

“The scheme is designed to ensure residents are able to enjoy ease of access to their homes in areas prone to receiving numerous visitors and offering online parking permits is simply a council initiative to build on that convenience,” he said.

For a full explanation of the new online parking permit system and how parking permits work in the municipality, go to the Residential Parking page or to renew or apply for a permit visit