Rusty Young at the Library

16 August 2017

In August Barry O’Keefe Library will be hosting another popular author evening with Rusty Young as the guest speaker. The author of the international bestseller Marching Powder will be speaking about his gripping debut novel, Colombiano.

Colombiano is a powerful tale about a fifteen-year-old boy, Pedro, who joins an illegal paramilitary group after his father is brutally executed in front of him and he is banished from the family farm by FARC guerrillas. Swearing vengeance, he vows to find and punish the men responsible. As he spirals deeper into a world of unspeakable violence, Pedro finds himself at a crossroads: will he be able to stop himself before he becomes too much like the men he is hunting? Or will his obsession with revenge cost him all he has left?

Blending fact and fiction, Colombiano takes us on a heart-thumping journey into the violent and unpredictable world of post-Pablo Escobar Colombia. It is an epic tale of rural villages held to ransom, of jungle drug labs, cocaine supermarkets, witch doctors and buried millions.

This event will take place on Wednesday 23 August from 7pm till 9pm. Pre-paid bookings are essential, Adults $10.00, Pensioners/Students $8.00 (passes must be shown). For all enquiries contact the Library on 9978 4091 or book online at