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Signage pilot takes off in Mosman

10 December 2015

Mosman Council will trial new signage in three locations over Christmas and the New Year to test suitability with a view to potentially rolling out the designs across the area.

Urban versions of the signage “family” will be trialled in Mosman Square, park signage at Allan Border Oval and coastal signage at Clifton Gardens along with a limited display in South Balmoral.

“The signage will feature best practice design in street and municipal signage so that information is conveyed in a clear and concise way while maintaining a stylish and elegant Mosman 2088 character,” Mayor Peter Abelson said.

“Mosman’s signage is often dated and hard to read at a glance, while these newer designs not only look better, they will be more functional and fit for purpose.

“This is a significant milestone in our long battle to restore visual amenity in our streets in the form of so called ‘legally required signage’.”

The striking grey signs with white lettering will vary in style and material according to the type of location, with natural material, including timber, reflecting coastal and park areas and predominantly metal signage used in urban locations.

The pilot program follows an extensive audit and review of signage overseen by Council staff and members of Council’s Visual Amenity – Signage and Advertising committee (VASA) and the removal of nearly 800 surplus signs over the past two years.

The move to contemporary design will help reduce unnecessary signage through condensing information signs and the increased use of pictograms which convey messages through illustrations.

The program also forms part of the development of an overall signage style guide for Mosman that will help inform future signage such as in playgrounds, car parks, reserves and buildings throughout the area.