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injured orphaned wildlife

Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

If you find an injured or orphaned native animal, call a wildlife rescue organization straight away:

You can also take injured animals to your local vet or if they are native animals to the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Clinic – 9978 4785. Taronga Zoo Wildlife Clinic includes Special Emergency Advice for injured or entangled flying foxes or bats, and snakes.

  • Handle the animal as little as possible to minimize stress
  • Remove any threat to the animal including keeping cats and dogs away
  • Place a towel or blanket over the animal and gently place it in a box (cover the top) if it is safe to do so. Put the box in a warm, quiet, dark room

It is against the law to keep native animals taken from the wild.

Volunteers from wildlife organizations are specially trained to look after various native animals including birds and reptiles. They will look after the animal until it is ready to be returned to the wild. It is against the law to keep native animals taken from the wild.

Marine Mammals

If you find an injured or distressed marine mammal (dolphin, whale, dugong or seal) please contact ORRCA – Marine Mammal Rescue and Research on their 24 hour hotline – 9415 3333

Helping with Animal Rescue Efforts

If you would like to volunteer as an animal rescuer, carer or give time or money to a wildlife rescue organization visit: