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Eco footprint

Our Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint project

Introducing the Ecological Footprint… a measurement of the space required to produce and supply all of the resources we need to support our lifestyles and to take up the wastes we generate, compared to the land actually available to us. The ecological footprint takes into consideration the type of food you eat, the amount of water and energy you use, your primary mode of transportation and the amount of waste you generate.

If we divided the earth’s resources equally, each person in the world would have only 2.3 hectares of land available to them? Australians currently have an ecological footprint of 7.8 hectares each.

Mosman Council measured the ecological footprint of Mosman. On average, each resident of Mosman has an ecological footprint of 14.7 hectares. If everyone on earth had a footprint this size, we would need another seven earths to support us all. If all the resources needed to support Mosman lifestyles had to be found within the local area, only 58 people could live in Mosman!

Ecological Footprint Project

To help raise awareness of the ecological footprint, and to demonstrate practical ways of living more sustainably, Mosman Council has implemented an Ecological Footprint project involving the Mosman community.

Six households made the commitment to measure their ecological footprint and work out strategies to live more sustainably. They have all risen to the challenge and over nine months, slashed a collective 15.9 hectares from their household ecological footprints, slashed water and energy consumption, reduced the amount of waste produced, and altered their purchasing and traveling habits in order to live more sustainably.

The households will be re-measuring their ecological footprint in another few months, to see how their changes have altered their footprint in the longer term.

Calculate your own Ecological Footprint

You can join in the fun by calculating your own ecological footprint to see if you are treading lightly on the earth or leaving big heavy footprints in your wake! You can identify where you are having the most impact upon the earth and take actions to minimise these impacts and reduce the size of your footprint.

To calculate your footprint go to:

Ecological Footprint Calculator

We invite you, the Mosman Community to follow the lead of our Ecological Footprint householders and begin a journey to more sustainable living. Read the stories of our participating householders, or follow these tips on how to save water, energy and reduce waste.

Council has also developed a brochure on the Ecological Footprint project, which details the success of each household in reducing their ecological footprint, and contains more tips on how to live more sustainably at home.