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Visual Amenity - Signage and Advertising

754 Signs Removed

Community Consultative Committee

The Visual Amenity – Signage and Advertising committee (VASA) was established in February 2013 to provide advice and recommendations to Council to assist in improving the visual amenity of Mosman, specifically in relation to rationalisation and improvement of signage and advertising within the area. View minutes from previous meetings.

Key outcomes as a result of committee consultation with Council include the removal of unnecessary signs in Mosman, replacing No Stopping signs with yellow lines, simplifying parking signs using a bold “time block” model, and creating a branding and signage style guide.

Removal of signs

Signs Removed in Mosman

Mosman Council has tackled the abundance of signs in urban areas by removing more than 754 signs.

The war on signage started in 2013 with a review of all signs along roads and in public areas initiated by VASA.

Surplus road signs have been removed from several streets, car parks and public reserves.

The types of signs that have been removed include:
  • No Stopping
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Parking Limit Signs
  • Bush Regeneration
  • Directional Signs
  • Magpies Swooping
  • No Through Road
  • General Prohibitions
  • Bicycles
  • Motor Cycle Parking Permitted
  • Reserved Parking
  • No Access
  • Smoke Free Zone
  • Don’t Feed The Birds
  • No Entry
  • No Standing
  • Roundabout Ahead
  • Shared Path
  • No Alcohol
  • No Smoking
  • No Vehicles on Grass

Yellow lines replacing No Stopping signs

Yellow lines replacing no stopping signs in Mosman

Mosman is one of numerous councils to roll out yellow no stopping lines across the region and replace No Stopping signs in some areas to help reduce the number of signs and clutter in streets.

These continuous or unbroken yellow lines along the kerb mean no stopping, even if there isn’t a No Stopping sign.

Under the Australian Road Rules, a driver must not stop on a length of road that has a No Stopping sign or a continuous yellow edge line. Penalties are $311 and two demerit points in a school zone and $242 in a standard no stopping zone.

Simplifying parking signs

Mosman Council’s proposal to simplify parking signs using a bold “time block” model has been put to Roads and Maritime Services for consideration after Local Government NSW (LGNSW) passed the Council’s submission.

The idea aims to improve visual amenity and reduce confusion for motorists using simple visuals with red blocks of colour indicating restricted periods and green for non-restricted times.

The Council’s submission to the Local Government NSW annual conference has since been discussed at the association’s state board meeting where it was met with approval.

The concept is similar to a proposal put forward by a New York-based designer.

Branding and signage style guide

A sign style guide is being developed for Mosman’s information signs such as those in playgrounds, car parks and reserves. Consultation between staff, consultants and VASA is currently underway.

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