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A snapshot of web traffic for 2011/2012

Posted Monday 10 September 2012

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Visitor numbers to Mosman Council’s web properties were up more than 20% over the last financial year, with views of our web pages exceeding 1.5 million. The figures reflect strong growth across all our online channels.

  2011/2012 2010/2011 % change
Visits 574,768 512,628 12.12%
Visitors 297,696 241,183 23.43%
Pageviews 1,540,661 1,461,140 5.44%

What’s being viewed most?

Our most visited web properties were (pageviews in brackets):

  1. Mosman Council website (1,230,010)
  2. Mosman Art Gallery website (102,966)
  3. Mosman Library local history websites & blogs (70,560)
  4. 2011 Festival of Mosman website (33,732)
  5. Mosman Rider website (25,248)

Top pages (apart from the home page) on the Council website:

  1. DA Tracker
  2. Mosman Library
  3. Jobs at Mosman Council
  4. Contact Council
  5. Parks & reserves
  6. What’s On in Mosman
  7. Mosman Market
  8. Waste & recycling collection days
  9. Outdoor venues for hire
  10. Building & Development information

Finding information

How do people access Council information?

  • 65.03% of people access a page on Council’s website from a search engine (most often Google). Search engine optimisation has been a key feature of Council’s website strategy since 2007 with the result that Mosman Council places top for many searches.
  • While total visits to Council web properties generated by social media, email newsletters and QR codes is low as a percentage of total visits (between 3 and 7%), these visitors are much more engaged. Pages per visit are 20 to 50% more than the site average, and average visit duration is up to 100% more than the site average.
  • Based on a range of metrics, we believe people mostly find what they need fairly quickly. Only 3.80% of visits to the Council website used the search facility (down from 4.64% in 2010/2011). There are no obvious indicators – high weighting of particular keywords in site search, for example – to indicate issues with ‘findability’. But we appreciate that there’s another step to take. About half of all visits are to one page only. This fits with current thinking on how people use government websites; that is, they want to complete a task, not browse. We are looking to provide more online services, and a more task-focused navigation.

Going mobile

The worldwide shift to smartphones and tablets is reflected in our web metrics.

  • Mobile devices accounted for 12.17% of visits to the Mosman Council website, up from 4.55% in 2010/2011. Most Council web properties experienced a similar shift to mobile and all new sites are being built to cater for both large and small screens.
  • On the Mosman Rider website, visits from mobile devices overtook desktops this year. 55% of visits (up from 46% in 2010/2011) came from mobile devices, 74% of which were iPhones. The Rider website was given a ‘responsive’ redesign in June, allowing it to adapt dynamically to your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Updates to inboxes

Are you an email subscriber? If not, join up. Email is an easy way to stay updated.

  • Council’s email subscriber list grew by 1,063 in 2011/2012.
  • 46 email newsletters were sent to 47,158 recipients. Email newsletters generated more than 8,000 visits to the Council website.
  • We had 327 subscribers to job, consultation and other alerts.

Other networks

Want updates via social media? Mosman Council is doing that too.

Online bookings & forms

We know convenience is key. More online services are in the pipeline.

  • 2,468 online bookings were made for 4,135 tickets. This more than doubled the numbers for 2010/2011.
  • Council posted 28 online surveys and had 2,339 responses. The number of responses was up 141% on 2010/2011.
  • 913 emails were submitted from the online contact form.

About these numbers

  • Except where indicated, all figures are for the 2011/2012 financial year.
  • Learn more about visits, visitors and pageviews on the Google Analytics knowledgebase.