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dumpling squid eye

Mosman's marine life will amaze you

Posted Friday 05 October 2012

dumpling squid 609

Dumpling Squid, night dive at Clifton Gardens. Photo by Nicolas Terry.

Diver and professional photographer Nicolas Terry recently took some spectacular photos of marine life at Chowder Bay and surrounds.

With a keen eye for the unusual, unique and eye catching, Nick aims to portray the natural beauty around us – both above and below water.

“I take my camera with me all over the world diving wrecks and reef. My best ever dive was in the Red Sea in Egypt diving long forgotten wrecks. I am always amazed at how the underwater world takes over when a ship becomes a wreck, making it a home for a large diverse community of underwater life.

“My diving has placed me in some dangerous positions, what with dangerous sea creatures to the unpredictable weather. Coming from the UK some 6 years ago, I am used to diving in limited visibility. On one dive in South Australia, I was photographing a local wreck, I looked out into the blue to see a large shape travelling at speed directly at me. My first thought was where can I hide, as I was in Great White Shark territory. I then saw it was a dolphin, my heart was almost jumping out of my chest.

“I enjoy any type of diving, from local shore dives to the deeper technically demanding dives requiring mixed gas. I like the way I can both dive and take images of what I see and share them with people who may never ever go diving.”

Thank you Nick!  See our gallery of Nick’s photos from Chowder Bay & surrounds.

To find out more about marine creatures in Mosman visit Underwater Mosman.