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Soil remediation work on Balmoral figs

Posted Friday 26 October 2012

fig 609

From Tuesday, 30 October 2012, Council will be carrying out soil remediation work on six of the Balmoral foreshore figs, including the large Moreton Bay Fig located at the junction of The Esplanade and Raglan Street. These trees have been identified as showing signs of stress and loss of vigour and it is hopeful that this work will reverse this trend.

The soil remediation work to be carried out will consist of decompaction and aeration of the soil within the root zones and the application of root hormones and fertiliser to help increase health and vigour. The work is part of Council’s management program for the Balmoral figs.

The timber fences constructed around the root zones of some of our figs are assisting with reducing stress on these trees. These fences provide a physical barrier that has been constructed in an attempt to reduce the pedestrian traffic through the root zones thus reducing compaction.

The treatment of the six figs is expected to take two days.