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Submission to the Independent Local Government Review Panel

Posted Monday 11 March 2013

On 6 March the Mayor forwarded the attached Mosman Council submission to the Chair of the Independent Local Government Review Panel, Professor Graham Sansom.

The main conclusions were as follows:

Mosman Council strongly supports the independence of financially sustainable small local government areas and strongly rejects the concept of forced amalgamations. Like many other small councils, Mosman Council is a cost-effective and innovative council with exceptional service levels.

Responding to the terms of reference for the Independent Local Government Review Panel (the Panel), this paper shows that that there is no case for compulsory amalgamation of Councils. Both theory and evidence show (a) that small councils are as cost effective as large ones; and (b) that small local government areas provide their households with greater and more personal levels of service than do large areas.

Compulsory amalgamation would have serious and unfortunate consequences for the provision of local services and for protection of environmental amenity.