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Assessing Development: Calling for your Views

Posted Thursday 28 March 2013

As part of our ongoing commitment to consultation, Mosman Council seeks the views of residents and ratepayers on the development assessment process.

Building developments often create antagonism between neighbours and can threaten the amenity of whole streets and even precincts.

It is essential that we preserve our high residential amenity and have a fair and transparent process for determining development applications.

Concern for these objectives has led Council to initiate a community consultation process, which started with the public meeting on 18 February.

At this meeting I described how development applications are processed, including the role of the Mosman Development Assessment Panel (MDAP). This presentation can be found on the Mosman website under Development Assessment Process.

Undoubtedly a major problem is the state government requirement that developments do not have to comply with the formal criteria (such as building height) in the local environmental plan (LEP) if the applicant can show that their development meet the objectives of the LEP. This introduces significant discretion into development assessment.

Another issue is the role of MDAP. Some people feel that this has introduced much needed professionalism into decision making. Others feel that elected councillors have been inappropriately sidelined.

In this consultation, residents and ratepayers are asked to make comments on any aspect of the development assessment process, including the role of MDAP.

In addition, a special questionnaire on the role of MDAP has been prepared and sent to all participants in any DA considered by MDAP.

Your responses are important to us. Please provide them by Friday 12 April.

Cr Peter Abelson, Mayor of Mosman