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ABO Vandalism

Vandals Damage Allan Border Oval Turf Wicket

Posted Monday 01 July 2013

ABO Vandalism Large

A group of vandals caused damage to the recently renovated turf wicket at Allan Border Oval over the weekend.

A group were seen running and sliding on the wicket square while the oval was closed and the wicket area roped off due to the recent extended run of wet weather.

Witnesses saw the vandals and called to them to stop what they were doing and to get off the oval. Council staff will assess the damage once the wicket area dries out however costs for repairs and additional turfing will be in the thousands of dollars.

The matter has been reported to police along with the car registration number of the car that some of the group left in. The police are investigating the matter and Council is hopeful those responsible will be prosecuted for willful damage of public property