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Did you know?

Posted Wednesday 05 March 2014

An unbroken yellow line at the side of a road can be used to designate a ‘No Stopping’ zone without accompanying signage?

The current Australian Road Rules state that a driver must not stop on a length of road to which a ‘No Stopping’ sign applies or at the side of a road marked with a continuous yellow line. Previously the use of a ‘No Stopping’ line to designate a ‘No Stopping’ zone was only permitted when at least two ‘No Stopping’ signs were installed at the beginning and end to define the length of the continuous line.

In 2013 a Community Consultative Committee was established to provide advice and recommendations to Council to assist in improving the visual amenity of Mosman, particularly in relation to rationalisation and improvement of signage and advertising.

Late last year the Committee considered replacing some of the existing ‘No Stopping’ signs with yellow lines and suggested to Council that existing ‘No Stopping’ signs at intersections be replaced with continuous yellow lines along the side of the road, where appropriate. This suggestion has since been adopted by Council. As situations arise, Council officers will determine if yellow lines can be used. However, there will still be some locations where it will be necessary to retain the ‘No Stopping’ signs (e.g. at school crossings).