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Geometric Rhinoceros

Posted Wednesday 05 March 2014

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Mosman is currently home to a playful rhinoceros that adds a splash of colour to Mosman Square, with the vibrant geometric pattern attracting admiring comments from visitors and locals alike. Children from Mosman Occasional Care recently had a chance to get up close and personal with the bold new visitor – with squeals, laughter and smiles all round.

The rhino is one of a herd of 125 painted sculptures dotted throughout Sydney as part of the Wild! Rhino Conservation Project by Taronga Zoo. The Mosman Rhino is sponsored by South African Tourism and is the inspiration of artist Adair Imrie, who writes “I am interested in exploring the natural world and geometry. A great deal of current research separates the scientific mind from the creative mind. I have set out to create a Rhino that unifies these apparent opposites of thought. This may metaphorically unify the community into action for these great mammals”.

This unique conservation program hopes to raise awareness for the fight to save rhinoceroses from an epidemic of poaching, loss of habitat and possible extinction.

People can learn more by visiting Mosman’s rhinoceros will remain in Mosman Square until 28 April 2014.