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No Dog Poo Fairy?

Posted Wednesday 05 March 2014

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Throughout January, Council staff surveyed Mosman’s off-leash parks, placing yellow and white flags in the ground where dog poo was found. This is part of the responsible pet ownership campaign, reminding residents and visitors to pick up after their dog, because ‘there’s no such thing as the dog poo fairy’.
Fortunately many dog owners in the community do the right thing but the evidence shows there are still some that do not clean up after their dogs in public places – a requirement under the Companion Animals Act.

A comparison of the reserves surveyed identified Rawson Park as having the greatest amount of dog poo.

Rawson Park  52 flags
Sirius Park  37 flags
Reid Park  17 flags
Spit West Reserve  7 flags
Clifton Gardens Reserve  7 flags
Rosherville Reserve  6 flags

POOch Pouches are available free from Council for dog owners. The POOch Pouch stores bags and attaches to your dog’s lead so bags are always accessible. If you would like a POOch Pouch please contact Council on 9978 4043 (one per dog per household).

For further information about responsible pet ownership and the ‘dog poo fairy’ campaign please visit