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Council Meeting Bulletin - 7 Oct 2014

Posted Thursday 16 October 2014

Financial Matters

2013-14 Financial Result

The Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2014 were presented to and adopted by Council. The operating result for the year was a small surplus of $133,000 which was an improvement on the originally adopted budget that included a deficit. This is a good result for Council which was also demonstrated by the improvement in the majority of financial benchmarks set by the Office of Local Government.

These adopted Financial Statements along with the Auditor’s reports are currently on public exhibition at the Civic Centre, Library and Council’s website. Following this period of exhibition they will be presented to the Council meeting of 11 November 2014.

Mid-term Financial Review and Future Ratings Options

Council considered a detailed report on its medium to long term financial position and unanimously agreed that Council should consult the community, with a view to considering an application to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal for a Special Rate Variation commencing 1 July 2015 under s508(2) of the Local Government Act 1993.

Council further agreed that three options be presented to the community as follows:

  • Option 1 – a rate increase limited to the rate peg (likely to be about 3%) and excluding the 5% ‘Community Environmental Contract’ levy which would effectively mean a rate reduction in 2015-16
  • Option 2 – a replacement 5% levy plus the estimated rate peg of 3% – effectively the financial status quo for ratepayers
  • Option 3 – Option 2 plus a further 5% rate increase which would increase service levels, including clearing Council’s infrastructure backlog.

A detailed Community Engagement Strategy was also endorsed by Council and commenced on 13 October 2014. This Strategy includes a mail out to all residents and also a public meeting to be chaired by the Mayor on 27 October 2014 at 7.00 pm. Please refer to the website for more information.

Following the public consultation a further report on this matter will be presented to the Council meeting on 2 December 2014.


In accordance with the requirements of Clause 212 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, Council reviews each month a listing of all investments made pursuant to Section 625 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Councillor Membership of Committees and other groups

Council determined its membership of internal and external committees and other groups for the period October 2014 – September 2016.

Council adopted the current membership with the following changes:

  • Cr Menzies to replace the Mayor on the Access and Mobility Community Consultative Committee
  • Cr Menzies to replace Cr Bendall on the Sydney Coastal Councils Group
  • Cr Menzies to replace Cr Bendall on Friendship Cities Community Consultative Committee
  • Cr Corrigan to Chair the Access and Mobility Community Consultative Committee

Further information regarding Council’s Community Consultative Committees is available on the website.

Council also resolved to nominate that Councillors Bendall, Moline and Sherlock be considered by the NSW Minister for the Environment as Council’s appointment to the Taronga Conservation Society Australia Board. Cr Bendall is the incumbent representative for Mosman Council.

Review of the Special Events Management Policy

Following a Council resolution a Councillor Working Group was established to review the Special Events Management Policy. The recommendations of the Group were reported to Council and it was resolved that the Special Events Management Policy be amended as follows:

  • Inclusion of a new clause providing that, in all foreshore areas, major special events of a commercial nature will only be permissible during the months of April – September at Balmoral. Commercial events to be defined as those events with a profit (rather than a ‘cost-neutral’ or community fundraising) motive.
  • A new premium for Special Events of a commercial nature, the premium being an additional 20% on Special Event fees otherwise payable.
  • Removal of outdated terminology including references to Ward Councillors.

The amended Special Events Management Policy and amended Pricing Policy will be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days and be reported to Council at the conclusion of the exhibition period.

Polices and Strategies Approved

Council approved the following policies and strategies:

These policies and strategy are available on Council’s website.

Development Applications

Council approved Development Application 8.2014.134.1 for general use seating on the northern and eastern deck area for 2 The Esplanade (Balmoral Boatshed).

The matter was referred to Council for determination (as opposed to the Mosman Development Assessment Panel) as the application involved public land.

Further information regarding this approved development can be found on Mosman Council’s DA Tracker .

Raglan Car Park Feasibility Assessment

Council resolved that consultants be engaged to develop concept designs including financial information for the Council car park site in line with the following objectives:

  • Be financially feasible
  • Target 150 public parking spaces in Mosman Junction, as long as the marginal cost of a parking space is less than $40k (nominal value of a parking space)
  • Provide new accessible public toilets
  • Improve the site vitality and amenity
  • Be generally within the existing controls of the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012
  • Be a design excellence building

As part of pursuing options on the site Council also delegated authority to the General Manager to enter into discussion with the owners of 173–175 Avenue Road to explore options for a possible development involving the combined sites in line with the objectives, including undertaking concept designs for a consolidated site should discussions proceed favourably.