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household recycling

It's National Recycling Week

Posted Monday 10 November 2014

Did you know on average 22% of material disposed in our garbage bins can be recycled. We can improve this by recycling even more.

These items should be recycled in your yellow–lidded bin:

  • aluminium and tin cans
  • glass bottles
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • milk and juice cartons

National Recycling Week is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge about what can and can’t be recycled.

PLASTIC BAGS CANNOT be recycled in your kerbside recycling bins as these will contaminate your recyclables, which may cause everything in the recycling bin to go to landfill.

If in doubt look for the recycle symbol.

Even your food scraps can be recycled. Start a compost bin or worm farm – your garden will love you and your garbage will shrink.