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Recreational Fishing

Changes to Recreational Fishing Rules

Posted Monday 01 December 2014

A total of 16 changes to the recreational fishing rules will apply to fishers from 3 November 2014. These changes will ensure the current rules reflect the recreational fishing community’s needs and expectations, while maintaining quality recreational fishing for the future. An advisory period of three months from the commencement date of 3 November 2014 will apply to allow fishers time to adjust to the new rules. Updated advisory material will be available from your local tackle shop or fishing licence agent.

NSW Dept Primary Industries - New Recreational Fishing Rules 3 Nov 2014

Key Changes from 3 November 2014Previous Rule
Saltwater A daily bag limit of 10 for the following commonly caught species: Flathead (other than Dusky Flathead), Bream and Tarwhine, Tailor, Blue Swimmer Crab, Trevallies and Luderick. Possession limit to remain at 20 for the above species. Dusky Flathead daily bag limit remains at 10 with a possession limit of 10.Daily bag limit of 20 Possession limit of 20.
Two crab traps and four witches hats/hoop/lift nets per person will be allowed. (Note that this change does not automatically permit crab traps to be used in areas where they were previously prohibited.)One crab trap and five witches hats/hoop/lift nets permitted.
FreshwaterA maximum size limit of 75cm for Murray Cod to provide protection for large breeding fish. Catch and release of large cod will be permitted. A new minimum size limit of 55cm will apply. The taking of two Murray Cod per person during the closed season within Copeton Dam will be permitted. Minimum size of 60cm for Murray Cod. No take of Murray Cod permitted in any waters during the closed season.
The spawning closure for Australian Bass and Estuary Perch to be extended to four months (May – August) to protect early migrating bass. Note this a zero bag limit closure and catch and release of these species will be permitted during the spawning closure.Spawning closure for Australian Bass and Estuary Perch for three months (June-August.)
Permit Yabbies to be taken using five hoop nets per person in Lake Lyell, Lake Wallace and Googong Dam.Up to five hoop nets per person in Lake Eucumbene and Lake Jindabyne only.
A strictly regulated pilot program to allow bowfishing for carp to be trialled in 2015 in key locations. To be closely monitored by NSW DPI.Bowfishing not permitted on inland waters.