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Mosman Citizen of the Year 2015

Posted Thursday 29 January 2015

Thirty-one years ago it was my privilege as then Mayor to announce that the then retiring Principal of Mosman High School, Merv Eyles, was Citizen of the Year 1984. In his five years as Principal, academic achievements at the school soared and, along with the rising reputation of the School, enrolments rose from about 560 to 730 students.

On Australia Day 2015 I was delighted to announce that the Mosman Citizen of the Year selection committee (Cr. Moline, General Manager Veronica Lee, and the Presidents of the Rotary and Lions Clubs — Mark Alderson and Peter Alderson) had unanimously recommended that the current Principal of Mosman High, Mrs. Susan Wyatt, would be the Mosman Citizen of the Year 2015.

Over 10 years under Susan’s leadership, Mosman High School has developed an even higher reputation for excellence in a wide range of traditional and contemporary student areas and a wide variety of arts and extracurricular activities. Enrolments have risen from around 750 to over 1,000 students with a waiting list of students wishing to attend.

Students are encouraged to have a community and global outlook, with many opportunities for international student exchange, including with the Mosman Rotary Club’s youth programs, and international musical programs.
Attending the annual end of year presentations of performances and prizes, I have been enormously impressed by the enthusiasm and warm spirits of the students, due I am sure not just to the impending 6 week summer holiday, but reflecting rather the empathy of the Principal which imbues the whole school spirit.

Susan works tirelessly, serves on many committees within the school, encourages parent committees with the aim of increasing parent involvement and is involved in several Department of Education committees which formulate policy.

The Mosman community is truly fortunate to have such an empathetic and dedicated Principal of our largest High School.