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Council Decided 3 March 2015

Posted Wednesday 04 March 2015

Mayoral Minute – The Hon Barry Stanley John O’Keefe AM QC

The Mayor presented a minute commemorating the life and contribution of Mosman’s longest serving Mayor, the Hon Barry Stanley John O’Keefe AM QC, who passed away on 24 April 2014.

Following a number of meetings with the O’Keefe family and consideration of various suggestions from local residents the family agreed to a proposal to name Mosman Library in memory of Barry O’Keefe, together with a bas relief plaque in the Library foyer depicting Barry O’Keefe in his Mayoral robes, accompanied by some suitable words commemorating his life.

The Mayor proposed that naming of the Library is an appropriate memorial to a man who contributed so much to the Mosman community during his lifetime, which included the relocation of the Mosman Library to its current prominent position in the late 1970s, and whose extraordinary contributions to our community deserves lasting public recognition. The proposal put by the Mayor was resolved unanimously.

The Library is currently undergoing refurbishment works on its upper level and the newly renovated foyer will provide an excellent backdrop for a suitable commemorative plaque. It is anticipated that a formal unveiling will occur in June.

Owners Consent to Various Proposed Developments

Council considered and granted owners consent to a number of developments that are proposed on Council owned or managed land. It is important to remember that the granting of owners consent does not constitute support or approval of any of the Development Applications (DA) which include:

  • 3rd Mosman Bay Sea Scout Hall – construction of a new kayak store, decking and refurbishment of the existing Scout Hall at Harnett Park.
  • Mosman Croquet Club – demolition and replacement of the equipment storage shed located on the former Mosman Women’s Bowling Club greens at Rawson Park with a new structure that would include an equipment storage space, an accessible toilet and shower, a viewing area with kitchen sink and cupboards and a deck. Should the DA be approved Council also agreed to a minor variation to the lease to address a proposed boundary amendment at the south eastern corner of the site.
  • Bridgepoint Shopping Centre – refurbishment of the centre incorporating a passenger lift from Council’s car park. The consent is conditional on a number of matters, including appropriate recognition of the loss of any car parking spaces.

The relevant Development Applications will be exhibited and members of the community will have the opportunity to comment on the merits of these proposals. It is noted that the proposal from the 3rd Mosman Bay Sea Scout Hall has been on notification which closed on 27 January 2015. As the Sea Scouts are required to renew their permission to lodge with RMS, the application is unable to proceed to assessment. Once RMS’s consent is provided it will be referred to a consultant town planner for assessment.

Outdoor Dining and Goods on Footpath Fee Review

Following advice from Council’s valuer and a Councillor Workshop, Council resolved that a new fee structure for footpath occupation (GST-exempt) be included in the draft 2015-16 Schedule of Fees and Charges for public exhibition as follows:

Outdoor dining (rate per m² per annum)
Spit Junction $600.00
Mosman Junction $630.00
Balmoral (except 11-21 The Esplanade) $705.00
Three cafes at 11-21 The Esplanade $830.00
All other areas $285.00
Gouldsbury Street* $450.00
*(2015-16 increase due to change in policy capped at 50%)
Footpath trading (goods on footpath) (rate per m² per annum)
Spit Junction $300.00
Mosman Junction $630.00
All other areas $285.00

As a result Council adopted the following consequent changes to the Outdoor Dining and Goods on Footpath:

  • the separation of Mosman Junction and Spit Junction as distinct rates (Clause 11.1)
  • the separation of outdoor dining fees and footpath trading (goods on footpath) fees as distinct rates (Clause 11.1)
  • the deletion of the special condition applying to Shop 5, 713-715 Military Road (Gouldsbury Street frontage) which provides for payment of the ‘All other areas’ rate (Clause 11.5)
  • that the additional rate paid by 11-21 The Esplanade for canopy facilities be determined on a cost recovery basis only (new clause)

The revised Policy can be found here:

Development Application – 2 The Esplanade (Balmoral Boatshed)

As the application involved public land, Council considered Development Application 8.2014.214.1 for replacement of existing wharf with stairs, four piles, boat ramp, two pontoons with ramps and davit, extension of timber deck and a new pergola with operable louvre roof and roll down transparent screens at 2 The Esplanade (Balmoral Boatshed).

Council resolved to refuse the Development Application and the report detailing the reasons for the refusal can be found here: