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Smoke Free Area

New outdoor dining smoking ban

Posted Wednesday 01 July 2015

From 6 July 2015 all commercial outdoor dining areas will be smoke-free as per the NSW State Smoke-free Environment Act 2000. This means:

  • All forms of smoking will be banned in any seated outdoor dining area of a restaurant, café or licensed venue while food is being served
  • Within 4 metres of a seated dining area on licensed premises or at a restaurant
  • Within 10 metres of a place at a food fair where food is sold or supplied for consumption
  • Individuals will be fined $300 if this law is broken
  • Business will be fined $5,500 if this law is broken

NSW Health will be enforcing this ban. For more information see the fact sheet or visit the NSW Health website. To report a breech please call NSW Health on 1800 357 412.