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Hang on to the bag

Posted Thursday 02 July 2015

Residents of Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah Councils are some of the best recyclers in NSW with a 54% recovery rate compared to a state average of 48%.

However Australian research by PlanetArk shows that 23% of people put recycling in the recycling bins in a plastic bag mistakenly thinking they are recycling correctly.

Plastic bags full of recycling can be consigned to landfill, wasting valuable resources. Plastic bags contaminate household recycling and can jam machinery. They can’t be recycled from the household recycling bin.

To try to combat the problem and save valuable recyclables, SHOROC and its partner councils have a new campaign asking those residents who don’t recycle right to hang onto the bag and dispose of it responsibly.

If you need to use a plastic bag, then empty the recyclables in the recycling bin and put the bag in your garbage bin. Even better, recycle the plastic bags at your local supermarket. But best of all try to avoid plastic bags totally – after all it is Plastic Free July. Sign up for a day, a week or the whole month and try to refuse ALL single-use plastic.

The challenge is simple: take the pledge to hang on to the bag when you recycle – and pass on the message to neighbours, friends or family.