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Council Decided 7 July 2015

Posted Friday 10 July 2015

Review of Council’s Operational Classified Land

Council has resolved to maintain the current classifications of Council’s operational classified land portfolio. Council had previously requested a review of Council owned operational public land to identify opportunities for protection from sale or development in case of potential amalgamation. The majority of parcels of land within this portfolio were determined to be small and disparate and did not warrant the limited benefit and expense of reclassification as community land. All other land was seen as essential to Council’s administration and operations and will remain operational classified.

Policy Register

Council resolved to rescind and remove a range of superseded policies from Council’s Policy Register and Website. Policies that were removed included:

  • Documents that were incorrectly classified as policies, but dealt primarily with operational matters
  • Superseded policies that were not rescinded at the time of adoption of new policies
  • Policies with linkages, where multiple documents could be consolidated into one policy

Many existing policies were seen to need updating and reformatting and these will be presented to Council gradually over the next twelve months, with those with highest priority addressed first.

Mayor and Councillors, and General Manager – Draft Policies on Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities

Council was presented with a draft policy on payment of expenses and provision of facilities to the Mayor and Councillors, and to the General Manager. It was resolved that the document be placed on public exhibition for a 28 day period and that a further report, with details of any submissions received, be submitted to Council on 8 September 2015. To view the draft policy, go to link

Development Application – D’Albora Marina Internal Fitout

Council resolved to approve internal fit-out work within d’Albora Marina to create four new tenancies for uses associated with recreational boating.

Mosman Scenic Protection Area and the General Housing Code

Council resolved to endorse a strategy for continuing to seek permanent exclusion of the Scenic Protection Areas of Mosman from the General Housing Code. The current exclusion ceases to have effect on 30 November 2015 and the strategy will allow the Mayor and General Manager to act to apply pressure at both bureaucratic and political levels on this issue.

Street Lighting Reform

A report was presented that considered the possible exposure of Council to a monopoly service provider as a result of the proposed privatisation of Ausgrid. It was resolved that the Mayor write to the Premier, highlighting the need for street lighting reform prior to the privatisation of Ausgrid and identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and service levels in relation to street lighting.

Pedestrian Safety Outside Blessed Sacrament School – Queen Street

This issue generated considerable debate within the Council on matters related to safety, cost, timing and construction. Council resolved unanimously to reiterate its commitment to the construction of a raised pedestrian crossing, to undertake discussions with Roads and Maritime Services on possible grant funding and to expedite the construction of the crossing in the September/October school holiday period.