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Parking: Cars, Trucks and Boats

Posted Thursday 30 July 2015

Parking is invariably regarded as a serious problem that Council needs to address.

Following extensive community consultation, in April Council resolved on a strategy to improve parking turnover to match demand with supply especially close to commercial activities, a review of time restrictions, modern technology for data collection and enforcement measures, and consideration of paid parking after a suitable free period in offstreet car parks.

Council will shortly be consulting with the community regarding possible changes to parking restrictions on Military Road and surrounding streets. This is a complex issue, often with hard to predict outcomes, and residents and businesses are encouraged to provide feedback.

Another contentious matter is the parking of boats and trailers on our streets often for long periods without moving.

Under the Australian Road Rules endorsed in NSW, a registered trailer of less than 7.5 metres in length is permitted to park in a local street. This could be restricted by timed parking for all vehicles, but this is generally not supported by residents and only relocates the problem.

Following many representations by Councils, the NSW Government has recently announced that it will provide funding to Councils to assist establishment of off-street boat trailer storage solutions and allow Councils to issue penalty notices for unregistered trailers parked on a road.

It is expected that it will also allow Councils to impound boat trailers parked for more than three months and allow Councils to issue special permits for boat trailers in residential parking schemes.

Unfortunately these policies may have little impact. We have not identified any suitable real estate for off-street boat trailers. A three month parking limit in one space (when introduced) may have limited effect. And it is doubtful whether the community will support Residential Parking Permits for boat trailers.

Any suggestions would be welcome.