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Council Decided 4 August 2015

Posted Monday 10 August 2015

Mosman Independence and Support for Save Our Councils Coalition

Following presentation of a Mayoral Minute by Mayor Abelson it was resolved that Council reiterate its commitment to independence as strongly supported by residents. Council also recognised that there is widespread popular support for the existing councils across Sydney and pledged its support for the Save Our Councils Coalition including by, where appropriate, sharing information and materials prepared by the Save Our Councils Coalition aimed at encouraging residents to have their say about amalgamations and the Fit for the Future process.

Local Government NSW Conference 2015

Council resolved to submit Motions to the 2015 Local Government NSW Conference in October on the issues of Council amalgamations, potential improvements to RMS funding processes and short term rentals. It was also resolved that Council be represented at the conference, to be held in Parramatta, by Mayor Peter Abelson, Deputy Mayor Roy Bendall, Councillor Simon Menzies and Councillor Tom Sherlock.

Community Grants 2015/16

Council considered the allocation of funding to local community groups and organisations under its 2015/16 Community Grants Program. This year, Council received 23 applications under the program, including nine applications from organisations that have not previously participated. Council resolved to allocate a total of $40,954 to 21 different community projects and programs, with further funding being provided to facilitate local delivery of training programs for community workers involved in issues relating to domestic violence and culturally diverse communities. Also, a limited amount of additional funding will be available for other community based projects and activities that support Council objectives and that are otherwise identified during the current financial year.

Archaeological and Heritage Sites

Changes to NSW planning legislation mean that the location of archaeological sites need to be more definitively identified in the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP).

Following a review of this matter Council resolved to prepare a planning proposal to amend its LEP to give effect to the new requirements regarding archaeological sites and also determined to further investigate State Heritage listing of the following sites:

A. Sites of the Curlew and Mia Mia Camps

B. Remains of the former Spit Bridge and sea wall

Planning for Spit Junction

Council continues to consider the future of Spit Junction with a view to providing the best possible planning outcomes for Mosman. In order to further progress decisions made by Council in 2014, it has been resolved by Council that a guidance document be prepared for Mosman to inform development and improvements in high density areas in Spit Junction, Mosman Junction and along the Spit and Military Road corridors. A draft of this document is to be reported to Council prior to public exhibition. Council also resolved to establish an Urban Planning Committee to provide advice to Council on the preparation of a guidance document for Mosman and other planning matters.

Short Term Rentals

Dealing appropriately with short term rentals is a matter that has been exercising the minds of Councils across the State and Mosman is no exception. This issue generated extended debate at the Council meeting, with it subsequently being resolved that Council continue to investigate complaints about short term rentals on a case by case basis however take enforcement action only if there is shown to be a risk to life. Council also resolved to write to the NSW Government requesting clearer rules regarding short term rentals that are effective and efficient to enforce by Councils under their Local Environmental Plans. It was also noted during discussion that, where applicable, owners’ corporations can commence action against relevant owners through the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for breach of any by-laws which exclude overnight holiday letting.

Council will also be seeking further clarity and support regarding the short term rentals issue at the upcoming Local Government NSW Annual Conference in October.

New Member for Mosman Youth Forum

Established in 2013, the Mosman Youth Forum continues to attract high quality candidates. At the August 4 meeting Council resolved to appoint the Forum’s latest member, Annabel Santo, to the group. Congratulations to Annabel on her appointment.