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Council Decided 8 September 2015

Posted Friday 11 September 2015

Mayoral Annual Report 2014/15

Mayor Peter Abelson presented his Annual Mayoral Report for 2014-2015. The report, detailing key achievements for the last financial year, can be read in full here.

Election of Deputy Mayor

Councillor Carolyn Corrigan was elected as Mosman Council’s Deputy Mayor for 2015-2016. Mayor Abelson congratulated Councillor Corrigan on her appointment and also thanked Councillor Roy Bendall for his excellent support as Deputy Mayor over the past three years.

Local Government Reform

Mayor Abelson presented a Mayoral Minute regarding the recent advertising campaign sanctioned by the NSW Office of Local Government that denigrates the services provided by local councils.

In his Mayoral Minute he noted that the advertisements being circulated on TV, radio and in metropolitan and local newspapers state that “it is time to sort [the system] out so councils can invest in better services and facilities for your local community”, however the Office of Local Government has not at any time provided any evidence that councils provide better service in Victoria or Queensland (where wide-scale amalgamations have previously taken place) than in NSW.

Mayor Abelson has written to the Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole asking that he provide evidence of major examples of poor service by councils in metropolitan Sydney which need to be ‘sorted out’.

Tree Poisoning on Public Land

The poisoning of trees in Joel’s Reserve was discussed by Council, with it being unanimously agreed that a large sign be installed at that location as a deterrent to future acts of tree vandalism.

Development Applications

Council considered four Development Applications, approving proposals by Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, the Mosman Rowing Club and Mosman Croquet Club subject to conditions. A Development Application for 1/2 Awaba Street, Mosman was withdrawn prior to the meeting.

Financial Statement 2014/15

Council’s financial statement for the 2014/15 year was formally tabled, with the end-of-year result being an improvement on the budget forecast.

Urban Planning Committee

Council resolved to adopted a revised Charter for its Urban Planning Committee which will
provide advice to Council regarding the public benefits of significant planning proposals in Mosman.

Balmoral Beach Club – Proposed Liquor Licence

Council considered a report on the application made by the Balmoral Beach Club for a multifunction liquor licence which allows the service of alcohol at a venue on up to 52 occasions per year. It was resolved that Council raise no objection to the application, subject to:

• there only being up to 8 functions per year
• functions being between 5pm and 11pm, with alcohol only served between 6pm and 10.30pm
• an estimated 60 people on average attending any one function

During discussion on this item it was noted that the beach Club operates in an acoustically sensitive residential area.

Friendship Agreement – Isle of Wight

Mosman’s Friendship Agreement with the Isle of Wight was originally established in 1990 with the Borough of Medina. This relationship was based on our shared history, specifically the historic voyage of the First Fleet in 1787-88 between the Isle of Wight and Sydney and the subsequent voyage of HMS Sirius (which was careened in Mosman Bay) to Norfolk Island.

The structure of local government on the Isle of Wight has changed since 1990, with the Town of Ryde now responsible for the area previously known as the Borough of Medina. In response to a Mayoral Minute Council resolved that, given the strong historical connections between the communities of Mosman, Australia and Ryde, UK, the Ryde Town Council be asked to consider a new agreement that updates and replicates the agreement previously signed with the Borough of Medina.

Mosman Anzac Dawn Service

Council considered a proposal by the Returned and Services League – Mosman Sub-Branch to relocate the Anzac Dawn Service from Georges Heights to the Mosman Cenotaph in 2016. It was resolved that the Sub-Branch be requested to consider the options of the Balmoral Rotunda or the Georges Heights parade grounds for the 2016 service, with a further report to be provided for Council’s consideration.

Mudanjiang Girl Child Project

As part of Mosman’s Friendship Agreement with the city of Mudanjiang, China, Council has provided support for the education of young girls in Mundanjiang for the past 12 years. It was resolved by Council that ongoing support be provided to this project, which is highly valued by families in Mudanjiang, in the amount of $5,000 per annum for a further five years. Council’s Friendship Cities Committee had previously considered this matter and had recommended that support for the project continue.

Protection of Mosman’s Foreshore Slopes

For some years now, Council has been able to successfully protect the foreshore slopes of Mosman from poorly considered development through its exclusion from the General Housing Code of State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (the Codes SEPP).

Without this exclusion the General Housing Code (GHC) would apply to large areas of Mosman’s significant foreshore slopes. This would allow development such as two storey houses and additions to existing houses being built without the need for a development application and a detailed development assessment under Mosman’s planning controls – as happens now.

The exclusion ceases to have effect on 30 November 2015 and, despite Council engaging in
discussions with the Department of Planning and Environment to extend the exclusion for over four years, there has still been no definitive response from the Department.

Council resolved that, given the (still) uncertain nature of the Department’s response, as an alternate strategy a planning proposal be prepared under sections 53-60 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to establish a Protected Area on land currently identified as Scenic Protection Area under Mosman LEP2012.

Given the significance of this issue Council also resolved that further strong representations be made directly to the local State Member of Parliament and the Minister for Planning, with a meeting also to be sought with the Minister.

CCTV in Military Road

Noting the important role that CCTV plays in protecting public assets and the ongoing vandalism of street trees and graffiti along Military Road, Council resolved that staff be requested to prepare a report outlining the issues and costs associated with installing CCTV in the Military Road Upgrade Project catchment.

Christmas Lighting in Mosman

Council discussed the benefits of expanding Christmas lighting and decorations in Mosman and resolved that a costed report be prepared for the next Council meeting addressing:

• Council assets being decorated with lights and decoration to celebrate the festive season
• Installation of fairy lights in street trees on Military Road and along the Esplanade
• Expansion of the RAPT Christmas competition to include a Christmas lighting award for best residential street, best residential property and best commercial display
• Development of a year-round festive lighting strategy
• Installation of a Christmas tree

Mosman Community College

Council resolved that a report be prepared on practical ways for further collaboration between Mosman Council and Mosman Community College.

Domestic Violence Proposal

Council discussed the issue of domestic violence in Mosman and resolved that a meeting be held with key community stakeholders to discuss the potential for Council to run a Community Forum to raise community awareness and increase community understanding of domestic violence.