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Public meeting - help save Mosman from amalgamation

Posted Friday 02 October 2015

Following the release of IPART’s report, and accompanying report card, which found Mosman Council fit financially and strategically but overall unfit according to its scale criterion, the State Government will soon announce the fate of NSW Councils.

Metropolitan Councils such as Mosman are in the firing line of State Government ‘reforms’, and at real risk of being forcibly merged with neighbouring Councils.

Help maintain Mosman’s independence by attending a public meeting Monday 26 October, 7pm, Mosman RS Club.

As part of a larger local government area, Mosman residents and ratepayers risk losing:

  • Control over our services and environment
  • Protection from high rise and other unsuitable development
  • The level and quality of our community and local services
  • Continued free parking at Mosman beaches
  • Our level of representation by local Councillors
  • Local access to Council staff and services

Why should we accept these outcomes?

Mosman Council has provided ample evidence to the State Government that it is well managed and can continue providing high quality services without the need for amalgamation.

The community has repeatedly said it wants Mosman to maintain its independence. It does not want to be swallowed up by other Councils that don’t have Mosman’s best interests at heart!

What can you do?

To keep the ‘local’ in Mosman we need to fight for our future. Help save Mosman by:

  • Showing your support at the public meeting – Monday 26 October, 7pm, Mosman RS Club
  • Spreading the word
  • Writing to the Premier, our Local Member and the Minister for Local Government: