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Future of recreation facilities

Posted Thursday 15 October 2015

On 6 October 2015 Council adopted the Mosman Open Space Recreational Needs Assessment. The assessment aims to assist Council with future planning for development, improvement and maintenance of recreation facilities over the next decade. The community was extensively consulted when developing the document to ensure the varied needs of Mosman residents were met.

These strategic documents help Council attain grant funding, develop capital works programs and plan for asset renewal.

It should be noted that some of the actions have funding allocated to them, whilst others require further development and review and determination by Council.

Below is an introduction to the key opportunities the Council can action to assist in meeting increasing demand. Read the full assessment here.

Equity and Diversity:

Making opportunities and infrastructure more accessible to a wider range of people, with a priority focus on providing play opportunities, trails and ensuring open space and facilities are equitably distributed. This includes promoting what is accessible to people with a disability for example, to create better choices.

Maintaining a good diversity of open space close to where people live is also important for healthy lifestyles and with increasing urban densities.

Programmability and Utilisation:

Enhancing utilisation of existing facilities on public land for a range of activities at different times of the day, and to program space not typically programmed to provide additional value to residents.

Partnerships and Resource Efficiency:

Developing partnerships with adjacent councils, other land management agencies, sporting associations and schools to create more opportunities for participation, and provide efficiencies in service delivery and asset management.

Managing Capacity:

Demand may need to be diverted from some locations such as Balmoral to maintain quality.

Sportsgrounds capacity will need to be increased through surface enhancements and more intensive management to accommodate more people, more often.

Asset Renewal:

As assets age, there are opportunities to enhance functionality, accessibility, capacity and performance rather than replace like with like. In a number of cases strategic planning can ensure parks provide a suite of more complementary experiences and design that better integrate facilities into park settings.