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Council Decided - 1 December 2015

Posted Friday 04 December 2015

Council Amalgamations – Mayoral Minute

Mayor Peter Abelson presented a Mayoral Minute on the current state of the NSW State Government’s local government reform program. He advised that depending on the nature of the next State Government announcement and the process by which it proposes to take the reform process forward, it is possible that legal challenge may be an appropriate course of action – either by Local Government NSW, individual councils or groupings of councils.

He stressed that he hoped that the State Government would recognise that many councils are democratically representing local views in opposing forced amalgamation and that the State Government would not take aggressive and inappropriate action to force local council mergers.

Notwithstanding, in support of maintaining Council’s independence Council resolved to allocate funds of up to $50,000 to assist with the provision of legal advice and/or the commencement of any legal action (either individually or collectively with other councils), relevant to action taken by the State Government as part of its current local government reform process. The Mayor was delegated authority to investigate options for such action, if necessary.

View full text of the Mayoral Minute here.

2016 Meeting Schedule

The Local Government Act 1993 requires a Council to meet at least 10 times each year, each time in a different month. Council determined its meeting dates for 2016.

Parking Strategy – Military Road

A key strategy identified in the Mosman Parking Strategy to improve existing supply is to determine time restrictions to ensure that the closer the parking supply is to the commercial hubs, the shorter the time restriction. Therefore the closer the parking is to Military and Spit Roads the shorter the time restrictions that would be required. The Parking Strategy recommended distances and associated time restrictions based on this approach as follows:

  • 0-100 metres: ½ P (Military Road and Spit Road), 1P other
  • 100-200 metres: 1P
  • 200-300 metres: 2P

Parking on Military Road is currently restricted with the majority of parking limited to one hour and the remainder including but not limited to half an hour, 15 minutes, loading zones and bus zones etc. Streets within 300 metres of Military and Spit Roads are mainly unrestricted or a combination of one, two and three hour parking restrictions in conjunction with Resident Parking Schemes.

Following a detailed consultation process Council resolved not to take any further action in relation to altering parking restrictions in Military Road as overall these changes were not supported by the community.

It was agreed, however that Council would further investigate the possible introduction of parking restrictions in conjunction with Resident Parking Schemes (RPS) in residential streets where significant support was shown in survey responses. These streets include (but are not be limited to); Belmont Road, Brady Street, Heydon Street, Mandolong Road, Muston Street, Punch Street and Raglan Street. Council expressly requested that the investigation include streets where all day parking takes place. It was reiterated that any introduction of a RPS would be subject to further community consultation in the affected areas and would be managed through the Local Traffic Committee.

Middle Head Oval Sports Field Lighting

Council approved the engagement of Smada Electrical to install sports field lighting at Middle Head Oval. This is a significant project with the works having been identified through Council’s Open Space Asset Management Plan and supported by the users of Middle Head Oval. In addition, the works have development approval from the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.

It is anticipated that on-ground works to install the new lighting at Middle Head Oval will be undertaken between February and April 2016. Any interruption to the use of Middle Head Oval for sporting events during the construction period will be notified to relevant sports clubs and the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.

New Parking Technologies

Following Council’s adoption of the 2015 Parking Strategy work has commenced and is continuing on a number of elements of the Strategy.

Recently tenders were called for the supply, installation and maintenance of parking technology in Council’s three underground car parks (Vista Street, Bridgepoint and Cache), three at-grade car parks (Library Walk, Raglan Street East and Raglan Street West) and on-street in Military Road.

Council received seven tenders from a range of experienced parking technology suppliers.
The tenders received provided proposals for some but not all elements of the Tender requirements.

Under the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005 Council is only able to accept or decline tenders. Council is not in a position to accept tenders at this stage given that further clarification and information is required.

Therefore in order for Council to have the required suite of products that suit both its needs and budget, Council resolved to decline all tenders with Council staff to enter into negotiations with selected tenders to seek clarification in relation to the products on offer and the capital and maintenance costs required.

Balmoral Plan of Management

Council considered a Notice of Motion on a limited review of the Balmoral Plan of Management. The Balmoral Plan of Management has been the guiding document for managing Balmoral Reserves since it was adopted in 2001. It has served the community well, and to a large extent is still relevant today. The need to limit commercialisation of Balmoral is one issue that still holds true.

In pursuing this matter Council resolved to endorse the Balmoral Plan of Management current environmental protectors and management plan along with requesting the General Manager to:

  • make appropriate administrative amendments to the Balmoral Plan of Management in order to update matters such as Trust names, Facility names, Leases and licences and environmental planning instruments and associated documents
  • identify any possible substantive issues which require a more thorough review and report back to Council.

Survey of Recycling in Mosman Schools

Mosman, as part of the SHOROC group of councils, is committing to significant changes in the management of waste and recycling in our community.

Understanding recycling in schools is an important step towards understanding and improving community recycling habits and facilities, and being able to positively influence these.

The survey will be sent to all primary and secondary schools, both public and private, in the Mosman Council area and will be available both online and in paper.