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What's your Distraction…?

Posted Tuesday 15 March 2016

Mosman, Hornsby, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, Manly, North Sydney, Pittwater, Ryde, Warringah and Willoughby Councils, in conjunction with Roads & Maritime Services, are working to make pedestrians more aware of the dangers of distraction while using mobile devices when they are out and about.

As pedestrians, we become more vulnerable when stepping out from the kerb if our head space is occupied with music and mobile phones because they limit hearing and reduce concentration and reaction times.

In 2014 there were 158 pedestrian casualties reported across the 10 northern Sydney councils, with 2 fatalities.

In Mosman:

  • In 2014 Pedestrians made up 11% of all casualties and were involved in 5% of all crashes.
  • During the five year period 2010 to 2014 there have been 33 pedestrian casualties (14%) in Mosman.
  • In 2010 to 2014 Pedestrian casualties are highest in the 0-16 age group with the next highest being the 40-49 age group.
  • Over the 5 year period 201-2014 there was a cluster of pedestrian crashes at Spit Junction. Majority of pedestrian crashes occur along the length of Military Road stretching from Cowles Road to Mosman Junction.
  • 57% of all pedestrian crashes occur at non-intersection locations.

7 Pedestrian Safety Tips

  1. Head up. Phone down
  2. Don’t walk and text
  3. Be especially aware in heavily trafficked areas
  4. If you do need to text, move to one side of the footpath, stop, then text.
  5. Always use pedestrian crossings, if available
  6. Never assume an approaching driver can see you or will stop
  7. At intersections, check for turning vehicles before you leave the kerb.

Safety tips for drivers

  • You must give way to pedestrians crossing the road if you are in danger of colliding with them, even if there is no marked pedestrian crossing
  • Slow down on roads where there are likely to be pedestrians
  • Don’t assume a pedestrian has seen you and will wait for you to go past
  • Older pedestrians may need longer to cross
  • Children are difficult to see and may act unpredictably

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Need more information? Contact Council’s Road Safety Officer Rebecca on 9978 4032.