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Mosman goes Plastic Free in July

Posted Friday 17 June 2016

This year, Mosman Council is getting serious about single-use plastic waste.

Mosman Council is partnering with businesses and schools to highlight the issues surrounding single-use plastics and their persistence in our natural environment and is committing to:

  1. A weekly staff beach clean-up in July
  2. A bag exchange system for council staff
  3. A toothbrush drive to collect dental products for recycling and a commitment to environmentally friendly toothbrushes
  4. Plastic glove recycling in our after school and daycare centres
  5. Promoting the Plastic Free July initiative to local businesses and community members

Let’s work together to reduce single-use plastic in our community!

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a fun challenge that gets us thinking about the amount of plastic packaging in our lives. It is an initiative of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) in Perth, Western Australia that started in 2011. Last year, 36,000 people from 85 countries took part in the initiative.

Why Participate?

  • Australians send 1 million tonnes of plastic to landfill each year and too much plastic ends up as litter
  • Chemicals in plastics can have harmful effects on our health
  • You’re not alone! Join the PFJ network and join us at events, workshops and online discussion forums

The Challenge

  • Attempt to consume no single-use plastic during July. Single-use includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packages, etc
  • Sign up with to register your efforts!

Our Partners

The following businesses in the Mosman Community have signed on to join us in Plastic Free July. Check out their pledges below! If you would like to make a pledge this July contact Tim Watson on 9978 4237 or email

You Save Chemist Mosman

YouSave Chemist Mosman
  1. Switching to paper bags only
  2. Initiating a reusable bag-return system for all customers
  3. Providing reusable bags to customers for larger items and explaining the plastic free July initiative

Priceline Pharmacy Mosman

Priceline Pharmacy Mosman
  1. Providing reusable bags to customers
  2. Promoting Plastic Free July

Harmony Pharmacy Mosman

Harmony Pharmacy Mosman
  1. Providing reusable bags or paper bags to customers
  2. Promoting Plastic Free July
  3. Using reusable coffee cups

Pharmacist Advice - Mosman Prescription Centre

Mosman Prescription Centre
  1. Providing reusable bags or paper bags to customers
  2. Promoting Plastic Free July

Mosman Kinderland

Mosman Kinderland
  1. Switching to reuseable sandwich bags and wet bags for wet clothes
  2. Encouraging no plastic packaging and using reuseable containers
  3. Reusing plastic milk containers as pets and tools in the sandpit

Travel Specialists Mosman

Travel Specialists Mosman
  1. Saying no to single-use takeaway coffee cups

Mosman Cruise Center and Travel Choice

Mosman Cruise Centre
  1. Using paper carry bags for travel brochures
  2. Encouraging clients to return travel brochures when they have finished reading them
  3. Drinking takeaway coffee from recyclable cups
  4. Promoting Plastics Free business

STRANDED Restaurant, Bar & Courtyard Cafe

STRANDED Restaurant, Bar and Courtyard Cafe
  1. Replacing plastic drinking straws with paper straws
  2. Introducing reusable eco-coffee cups for takeaways
  3. Continuing to provide paper bags for cake, biscuit and other food takeaways
  4. Looking at introducing eco-friendly takeaway food containers for soups