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Council Decided - 5 July 2016

Posted Thursday 07 July 2016

Mosman Monopoly Project

The Rotary Club of Mosman is embarking on an exciting new initiative to develop a special ‘Mosman’ souvenir edition of the popular Monopoly board game. This is the latest in a series of excellent community projects by the Club. Council resolved to express its appreciation to Mosman Rotary for its contribution to the community through such projects and will provide financial sponsorship of $5,000 towards the Mosman Monopoly project. It is expected that the board game will be completed, and on sale, in time for Christmas.

Expenses and Facilities Policies – Mayor, Councillors and General Manager

Council is required under State legislation to annually review its policy relating to expenses and facilities for the Mayor and Councillors. As a matter of practice, Mosman Council also prepares a similar policy for its General Manager and the two policies are reviewed concurrently. Some minor amendments have been made to both policies, which Council has resolved to place on public exhibition prior to adoption.

Development Application – Proposed additions to Sea Scouts building, Mosman Bay

Council considered a development application for additions to the sea scouts building at Mosman Bay, including a kayak storage shed, deck, verandah and viewing tower. Council heard a number of speakers who expressed both support and opposition to the proposal. After lengthy debate it was resolved by Council that the development application be refused on a number of grounds including inappropriate development on public land, bulk and scale, and contrary to the public interest. Further, Council indicated that it would consider an amended proposal that responded to matters raised by Councillors during debate on the application.

Car Share Policy

Following a period of public consultation which attracted more than 50 submissions, Council resolved to adopt a new Car Share Policy governing the use of public roadways and carparks by car share operators. The exhibited draft Policy was adopted without amendment, together with associated fees which will now be included in Council’s 2016/17 Pricing Policy – Schedule of Fees and Charges. These fees include a one-off $400 non-refundable fee for new car space applications and a $290 per annum fee for all car share spaces, including those currently in place.

Further Vandalism, Joel’s Reserve

Council was advised of further vandalism at Joel’s Reserve, where a large sign was erected in March this year in response to previous acts of tree vandalism at that location. As a result of this latest vandalism Council resolved to increase the period for display of the existing sign within the reserve by three months. Council is also working with a community advisory committee on matters relating to the future management of Joel’s Reserve.

Broadcasting of Council Meetings

Council debated a Motion to publicly webcast future Council meetings. It was resolved that the community be consulted on proposed amendments to Council’s Code of Meeting Practice which will enable webcasting to take place. A report on the matter will be submitted to Council outlining the results of consultation together with logistical and financial implications of webcasting in September. Council indicated that it would look to have its first broadcast as soon as practical.