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A message from Deputy Mayor Roy Bendall

Posted Thursday 27 April 2017

Notwithstanding the headline in last week’s Mosman Daily, our Mayor Peter Abelson’s departure is not imminent, as he will be serving until the end of his term in September. However, as Deputy Mayor the responsibility for the monthly Mayoral column is bestowed upon me until his return from annual leave.

Council elections

Although the State has announced Council elections for September I can assure the community our focus until the end of this term is defending and protecting the Mosman community and its environment from the unreasonable, anti-democratic intentions of the State, and ensuring the services Council provide meet the needs and expectations of our residents.

Environmental news

Council approved for public consultation funding for the most comprehensive Street Tree Master Plan to date, in order to repair the devastation, and restore the environmental capital of Mosman, as a result of the misguided 10/50 vegetation policy introduced by the State Government which resulted in 200 canopy trees being felled in its first year of operation. The plan covers every street in Mosman and is designed to assure residents that their existing view lines from both private and public land will not be impacted by the replacement plantings. This is a once in a generation opportunity to have your say over the future vegetation layout of our streets, and I would urge all residents to provide your feedback.

Parking news

Some exciting news on Mosman’s perennial parking problem in our commercial district is that our new and improved Mosman parking app ‘Park Mosman’ is now live, and should help residents find a parking space. The app can be downloaded for free and can be used to locate available parking spaces both on-street and in Council car parks. The app covers the main shopping areas of Mosman and Spit Junction with real-time information provided by ‘smart’ in-ground sensor technology.

The app will be continually updated and refined to ensure drivers remain well informed about where and when to park in Mosman. For more information visit