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Council Decided - 6 June 2017

Posted Wednesday 14 June 2017

Membership of Local Government NSW

Council again considered the issue of its ongoing membership of Local Government NSW. It was subsequently resolved by Council that it support payment of a further 6 months membership of Local Government NSW, and to continue monitoring the works of the organisation.

Community Engagement Strategy – MOSPLAN 2018-2028

Council resolved to adopt an engagement strategy for development of its next Community Strategic Plan, MOSPLAN 2018-2028, which will take effect from 1 July 2018. Implementation of the strategy over the next 12 months will commence with resident surveys later this month, the establishment of a dedicated online engagement site, other surveys, interviews, workshops and meetings, with targeted consultation for groups such as children and young people.

Adoption of MOSPLAN Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget

Council considered and adopted a revised 2013-2018 MOSPLAN Delivery Program, together with its Operational Plan, Budget and Schedule of Fees and Charges for the 2017/18 financial year. The adopted Plan envisages a significant program of capital works and forecasts a modest operating surplus of just under $200,000. This is the final delivery year for Council’s current Community Strategic Plan, MOSPLAN 2013-2023. The plan will be formally reviewed by the Council elected in September 2017.

Revised Policies

Council adopted revisions to a number of its policies relating to:

- Street Address and Allotment Amendments
- Road and Public Place Naming
- Sponsorship

Council’s Policy Register will be updated shortly to include the amended policies.

Customer Service Charter

Council resolved to adopt a new Customer Service Charter outlining its commitments to the community in relation to standards of customer service. The new Charter can be accessed here. Council will monitor the new Charter and will review its effectiveness in 6 months.

Appointment of Independent Members to the Audit Committee

Council considered the issue of membership of its Audit Committee and resolved that Mr Brian Halstead, Ms Kath Roach and Mrs Louise Scambler be thanked for their valuable contribution as independent members of the Committee. It was further agreed by Council that Mr Halstead be invited to be reappointed to the Committee for a further term expiring 30 September 2018 and that Ms Scambler be invited to be reappointed to the Committee for a further term expiring 30 September 2021. Expressions of interest will also be called in August 2017 to fill the remaining vacancy in the Committee, which is now to be known as the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee.

Urban Forest Management Policy

A review has been undertaken of various Council policies, culminating in the preparation of a draft Urban Forest Management Policy. This policy rationalises and consolidates seven existing policies adopted or amended by Council between 1992 and 2012. Council has resolved to place the draft Urban Forest Management Policy on public exhibition and will again consider the policy following receipt of community feedback. In adopting the draft policy for public consultation it was agreed that Council foreshadow the Norfolk Hibiscus as an exempt species in the policy and that action to place this species on Council’s exempt list and noxious weeds plan be pursued.

Sydney Coastal Councils Group Membership

After considering a Mayoral Minute drawing Council’s attention to the recent decision of Sydney City Council to withdraw from the Sydney Coastal Councils Group, it was resolved that the General Manager be asked to bring forward a report on the benefits or otherwise of Mosman Council’s ongoing membership of the Group. This report is to include consideration of activities and projects that have benefitted Mosman Council in particular, likely change to membership and fees following the City of Sydney’s withdrawal and amalgamation of member councils, and a recommendation regarding Mosman’s continued membership.

Parking – Bridgepoint Shopping Centre

Council discussed issues relating to traffic vehicle movements and parking associated with Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, and the adjacent Brady Street and Hordern Lane. It was agreed that a report be brought back to Council in August in relation to these matters.

On-street Parking and B Line

After discussing issues relating to the loss of on-street parking for Mosman residents with the introduction of the B Line, Council resolved to call for a report detailing discussions with the Roads and Maritime Services in relation to ameliorating any such loss.

Installation of Basketball Hoop at Balmoral Oval

Council had previously resolved to install a basketball facility adjacent to the skate park at Balmoral Oval. Council has now given further consideration to the location of this facility and has resolved to amend the proposed location to the vicinity of the First Balmoral Sea Scouts building in the north eastern area of Balmoral Oval, subject to there being minimal impact on existing facilities. Construction of the facility is expected to proceed in the first half of the 2017/18 financial year.